Fun kids's jigsaw puzzles for sale. Animal and animal family puzzles , alphabet  puzzles, transport puzzles, bird tree puzzles, mini puzzle box sets, and Christmas puzzles. A large choice of puzzles for sale. All very colourful and double sided so they can be put together in two directions. They are 3 cm in thickness so helps children with smsll hsnds & stand unaided for display. They make a perfect decoration. From 3 to 33 chunky pieces and aimed at age group 3 to 12. The wood is solid & taken from managed sustainable forests with strict replanting policies. Paints used are non hazardous and non toxic. Visit or site to view our puzzles for sale.

Bird tree puzzles, animal families, animals & vehicles. Mini puzzles, alphabet puzzles & box sets.

Classic Wood Toys is the perfect place to search for wooden toys for sale.  Our colourful solid wooden ramp walking animals are very popular with 1 to 5 year olds. The animals make a clacking sound as they walk from the top to the bottom. Available is an Elephant, duck & duckling, Rooster, Hen and Parrot. Our height charts are colourful solid wooden in different themes. Train, Butterfly, Fairy, Pirate, Snail and Teddy Bear. They are an ideal decoration for any nursery or bedroom and a great way to see your children grow. They measure up to 1.5 metres, four foot eleven inches. Our push along toys are made from solid wood and are very colourful. The Butterfies, Dragons, Ladybirds wings move up and down when pushed making a clacking sound and the Parrots, Penguins, Roosters and Duck and ducklings feet flap round in a walking action when pushed. A good aid in balance and walking. Our hanging nursey toys are popular for babies to adults. They are colourful and solid wooden. When pulled the wings move up and down in a flying action. Available is a Parrot, Fairy, Toucan, Pink Pegasus, Brown Pegasus, Flying Pig and Dracula. Our solid natural wooden box sets are a real winner. They are to be used in there natural form or coloured various ways. Perfect for a rainy day. The figures are 2.8 mm in thickness and each box contains five figures. The sets have different themes, Dinosaurs, Zoo, Sea, Forest and two Farm sets. Good for Iyear upwards. We sell seperately Water colour paints, Crayons & felt tips. Our Giant pencils are great fun and very gimmicky. They are solid wooden and 40 cm, one foot three inches long. They write as a normal pencil and can be sharpened with a craft knife. An ideal party gift and can be personalised with a name and more. Available in Red, Blue, Pink, Green and Yellow.  Classic Wood Toys is the place for wooden toys for sale.

Ramp walking animals, hanging flying toys, push along toys, height charts, giant pencils, natural coloured figures for painting.

‘Classic Wood Toys’ is the place to shop for kids’ wooden toy weopons. Age 2 – 12. We have four types of handcrafted wooden toy swords, the Dukes wooden toy sword, the Kings wooden toy sword, the Viking wooden toy sword and the Pirate wooden toy sword. The blade edges are beveled, rounded and sanded smooth for ultimate safety. We have three types of handcrafted wooden toy shields, a red dragon, a green dragon and a raven/crow. The designs are not painted onto the shields, they are embossed onto the surface. Two pieces of rope attach your arm to the shield leaving both hands free for other toys. Our handcrafted wooden toy Viking axe has a grey blade of which the edges are beveled, rounded and sanded smooth for ultimate safety. Our handcrafted wooden toy crossbows come in two colours, blue and red and red and green. They have an easy to use mechanism and come with two rounded edged cork tipped arrows for safety. Extra arrows are available. Our handcrafted wooden toy pistols come in two colours, red and blue and green and blue. They fire rubber bands of which eight are included with each wooden toy pistol. Our handcrafted wooden toy rifle is coloured red and green, it fires rubber bands of which eight are included. Our handcrafted wooden toy catapult/slingshot has a leather sling and elastic draw string. All our handcrafted wooden toy weopons are ideal for role play, re-enacting childrens favorite scenes from film and television. For wooden toy weopons for sale come to ‘Classic Wood Toys’.

Crossbows, swords, shields, pistols, rifles & catapults.

‘Classic Wood Toys’ is the place to shop for children’s music boxes and piggy Banks. They are wooden and all have a mirror and velvet interior. The piggy banks are in the theme of ‘Elmer the Elephant’ and ‘The little Prince and come with a padlock and key. All the boxes have a figure that pops up when the box is opened, when the key is turned the figure spins round to the music. The figures are in the theme of each box, ballerinas, fairies, flowers, Elmer the Elephant and The little Prince. The perfect keepsake to store children’s treasures and trinkets. For wooden toys for sale come to ‘Classic Wood Toys’.

Classic music boxes & piggy banks.